Final Blog Post - GSoC '23

September 3, 2023 · 376 words · 2 min · gsoc

This is my final blog post for GSoC ‘23. For me, the past few months have been both challenging and rewarding. Although I didn’t achieve all the goals I set out to do, I learned a lot in the process. What Was Done As mentioned in the last post, we created a new project, boot2ipxe, to build netboot disk image for different platforms. With that as the base image, ipxe-boot-server could generate disk image that boots boot2container from a HTTPS server.

Run Boot2container on RPi - GSoC '23

September 3, 2023 · 542 words · 3 min · gsoc

Long time no see! It’s time to share my progress on the GSoC project. Last time we manually built a netboot SD card image for RPi 3B+ and left some questions to be answered. Now let’s dig into those questions and show you what I’ve got. Boot2ipxe First, a new project, Boot2ipxe, is created for building and testing iPXE netboot disk image for both SBCs and x86 PC, which used to be part of ipxe-boot-server’s job.

Getting Started - GSoC '23

June 2, 2023 · 2064 words · 10 min · gsoc

After a week of setting up the iPXE server, my Raspberry Pi 3B+ can now boot Linux kernel from it with TLS mutual authentication enabled. In this post I’ll introduce how I built the SDcard image for my RPi and set up the iPXE server. Both of them are currently only for testing purposes so the process could be kind of messy. Anyway, let’s just get it running and leave the optimization for future.

The Project - GSoC '23

May 14, 2023 · 517 words · 3 min · gsoc

I received the email saying that my proposal for GSoC ‘23 was accepted by X.Org Foundation on May 5th. It’s my first time working with open-source communities and I’m really excited about it. My mentor Martin Roukala gave me some great advice and helped me understand the project and my tasks better. Now it’s time to dive into the project details.